About Us

Africa Alive! is a youth-serving organization started in 1998 with a vision to build and empower a healthier generation of youth in Africa. The mission of Africa Alive! is to promote positive behavior change among young people through advocacy, empowerment, partnership and resource/community mobilization.

The initiatives developed and undertaken by Africa Alive! over the past years have adopted the strategic approach of creating a favorable environment for, and promoting broad based community discourse on Youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in order to achieve the following outcomes;

  • Increased capacity of young people, women and marginalized groups to make safe and informed decisions on relationships and sexuality, to deal with gender power relations and to seek quality, comprehensive SRHR services and information
  • Creation of a supportive/enabling social, cultural, legislative/political environment for the provision of young people, women and marginalized groups with SRHR information and services
  • Increased acceptance and access to comprehensive SRHR services for young people (especially young males), women and marginalized groups

Currently Africa Alive-Kenya under the SRHR alliance and in partnership with dance4life international, are implementing a 5-year program called Get Up Speak Out (GUSO 2016-2020) program in Siaya, Kisumu and Nairobi Counties. The GUSO project seeks to:

  1. Empower adolescents and youth to be able to voice their rights and play meaningful roles in SRHR interventions.
  2. Increase utilization of comprehensive SRHR information and education for adolescents and youth, including women of reproductive age.
  3. Increased utilization of quality and youth-friendly SRHR services that respond to the needs and rights of all young people.
  4. Improved social-cultural, political and legal environment for gender-sensitive, youth-friendly SRHR.

The organization’s mandate promotes the full participation of young people at every level of programme implementation