Our Projects

Community youth rallies employ enter-educate/edutainment approach aimed at reaching out to young people through music and drama. The main objectives of the rallies were to;

    • Emphasize the HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness campaign among the youth, focusing on addressing the need for open communication on youth sexual and reproductive health.
    • Embrace the participation of young people by allowing them an opportunity to get involved through delivering HIV/AIDS prevention messages by performing songs and drama before their fellow youth audience
    • Involve local youth and youth serving organizations to network and collaborate with each other and to ensure local sustainability

Youth Role models project targeting young music artists and club Disck jockeys (DJ). Africa Alive!  developed a curriculum and  materials for the role models trainings. The trainings were aimed at enabling the role models to spread HIV/AIDS prevention messages through their work. The role models served as youth advocates and goodwill ambassadors.

Voices of youth featured three activities designed to encourage young people in Africa to share their experiences, their stories, their hopes and fears about living with the reality of AIDS, in order to reduce the stigma around these issues. By asking youth to write ‘postcards’, letters and stories about their lives and their concerns and by publishing those accounts in the local media and on the Africa Alive! Website. Africa Alive! wanted to develop constructive dialogue around adolescent health issues