We give young people between the ages 10 to 24 years who are both in and out of schools the correct information about HIV and AIDS and provides them with the skills needed to be able to protect themselves and those around them. Furthermore, Africa Alive inspires young people to take action to stop the countrywide spread of HIV and AIDS. Empowered with the knowledge and skills they need, young people can become part of the solution to HIV, making their own healthy decisions and creating change in their communities.

Through school programmes, Africa Alive inspires, educates and mobilizes young people to lead the global HIV movement to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. This is done through the following ways….

  • First Africa Alive INSPIRES young people aged 10 to 24 to become involved. Our local tour teams travel to participating schools to INSPIRE young people through music, drums and dance. We promote an open discussion about HIV, which breaks down the stigma and taboos regarding sexuality and HIV. Young people living with HIV are part of the tour team and their stories form the heart of the performance.
  • Once inspired to become part of our program, we EDUCATE young people about HIV and AIDS. Skill building workshops are organized to increase their knowledge and self-esteem. They also learn the skills needed for better communication, negotiation, decision-making, leadership and entrepreneurship. All of which empowers them to make positive decisions about their futures.
  • Equipped with these empowering skills, almost half of the young people we meet are motivated by our program to take ACTION. They change the way their family and friends view HIV and AIDS and make a positive change in their community. We call these young people AGENTS4CHANGE, as they are making a difference to the world.
  • To CELEBRATE the achievements of the agents4change, a powerful global dance event is organized every two years on the Saturday before World AIDS Day. Only those young people who took action are invited to attend. United by one cause and connected live via satellite, they dance together to inspire and gain support from the rest of the world, and to remind the world leaders of the promises they made.